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Lexy's Poetry

Hi there, you're very welcome to my poetry section.  I change it regularly so keep in touch. I would love to hear your poetry so feel free to send it in to me. 
I began writing poetry in the late 1990s during a time of illness.  I never intended to produce a book, I was just dealing with my emotions on paper and I kept the poems I'd written.     Then my daughter was competing in a speech and drama festival and I wrote "Moanin Minnie" for her.   A couple of years later I was on the radio reciting some of my poems and I got a great response.  People really liked them.  It all snowballed from there really. 
As a result of having a poetry book published, I am now lucky enough to be able to visit different schools every week. Some pupils have decided to get involved by writing their own poetry. To view samples of  their very entertaining work click here.  
I have just received a lovely thank you letter in the post but even better than that...the children in Primary 5 at Fair Hill Primary School have sent me the most wonderful poem.  It really made me smile so I thought I would let you read it too!   Read their poem here.

One young lad has now turned the tables on me and written a poem about my visit to their school!    Read Jack's poem .   

Patrick Branagan sent his poem to BBC NI after I visited his P5 classroom and you can read it on BBC's Days Like This website .

I really enjoyed being resident poet on BBC Radio Ulster's Alan Simpson Show, with a regular slot each Friday.  Visit the show's website to read the poem I wrote about Alan.
This next one is a favourite of mine.  I wrote it especially for the show. A lan asked me to write about the school holidays.  There's a bit of a twist at the end, but I'm not giving anything away you'll have to listen yourself.  You can let me know whether you think it's based on what I got up to at school or whether it's all complete fiction!!

Back to School   listen.gif

This next one was popular with listeners
Here I am reciting Moanin Minnie"   listen.gif  





One day I was serving a customer. She had bought some buttonholes and just before she left a friend further back in the queue shouted to her, "Where are you fer today?"

She said, "I'm headin fer a weddin!".......This was the inspiration behind my next poem.

Listen to "Headin fer a weddin!"     listen.gif         

Halloween is coming and the goose is getting fat -  many's a time I sang that while out 'trick or treating'.  I love Halloween! 

I've written a spooky poem about the Belfast Eye and witches.  Why not click below to check it out ....

listen.gif   Click to listen to my poem Witches - eye 'right'



The most precious gifts we have are frequently of no monetary value at all. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a particular poem of mine which is special to me.

Listen to me reading my poem Ball of Blue . listen.gif



If you haven't heard it already why not listen to my poem The Dentist's Drill. For many of us a visit to the dentist fills us with dread.  So this wee poem of mine might strike a chord with you.

I'll be updating this page regularly, so come back and join me again soon. 

"...hovered above me like an eagle stalking its prey." 

Well I don't know about you but I was so fed up hearing about the recession that before Christmas 2008 I decided ...instead of crying and moaning I would write a funny poem about Santa and how he is coping with the tightening!   I hope you enjoy listening to it.   

Listen to Lexy recite Santa's In a Recession   Listen to "Poor Santa's in a recession"


Miserable Santa. Drawing by Brian Willis.
I've thoroughly enjoyed being involved with Story Finders over the last couple of years and naturally I had to write a poem about my experiences.  Listen here   Audio speaker 
(Lexy is the author of a poetry book called "Where Do Balloons Go?" and  other poems.)

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