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From whence you came and went...

The foot prints of time ... 
                                             are those you've left behind you, the new ones you've made and the ones you continue to make as you pass through this vale of life. But always be aware that where ever  you leave these footprints in life, the friends and loved ones left behind may want to find you again,  may want to re-new friendships ask for forgiveness, tell you they miss or even love you.

For what ever the reason help us complete the circle, for remember  a better voice than mine said "blessed are the seekers".  So help us seek out 'lost friends' and rebuild contacts that time and distance have banished to a dim and distant past.

 " We pass this way but once" there are no dress rehearsals "

A call for help from America :

Does any one know of a family called Faddis; Faddes ; Fadis etc. who originated from Dervock or district and who immigrated to America.

A John Faddis immigrated to the colonies in 1750 and was there married in 1771. Common christian names usually followed a biblical trend as was usual in those puritan days and the Faddis Family were no exception with John; Samuel; Robert; David; Alexander being common for example.

Charles Samuel Faddis of 3435 Kings Retreat Court. Davidsonville MD USA 21035

"There was a Billy Faddis who was huntsman in Dervock to the Route Hunt Harriers in 1826. We know no more of him as the hounds left the village in the 1840's".

Anyone who can help our American cousin please get in contact with us in the first place 'Dervock and District Community Association'             or ............

thank you

Sam Faddis and Sue Christie have been in contact with their individual Faddis histories...  We hope others will join them.

Susan Christie responded (Feb 2009):

"I am descended from a Benjamin Faddes, who was born in Dervock about 1799. His parents were James Faddes and Margaret McAuley. Benjamin moved from Co Antrim to Ayrshire in Scotland about 1820 with his brother Robert and sister Margaret.  He settled in Tarbolton and worked as a thatcher.  In 1827 he married a local girl Jane Andrew and they had 6 children, including my great great great grandmother Helen.    I would be very interested in sharing information."

Little Beaver Cemetery, Lawrence County, USA


Click on photograph to view more images

Sam Faddis provided information (in 2008) about Faddis graves in Little Beaver Cemetery, Enon Valley, PA, Lawrence County, Route 351.   There is no church standing on that hallowed spot.  Sam was also able to tell us that the Faddis name appears on a Civil War monument in the town square of New Castle.  There is a Faddis Avenue on the outskirts of the town. 

View Gallery of Faddis graves in Little Beaver Cemetery.

The photograph opposite shows the Nelson family from the USA meeting for the first time Sammy Bell and his wife from near Bushmills.  They met through contact with Story Finders and Dervock and District Community Association. Tears and joy for family brought together in Dervock who live 3,000 miles apart.  As the man said perfect ... just perfect Craig Nelson and his daughter with the Bell family.JPG

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